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Area of application

The stove can be used for spaces up to 150 m².


The stove is made of the latest, most practical detail constructions, making it easy-to-use, efficient, stylish and cheap.

The stove is lined with refractory stone on the inside, so-called. "channel brick", and can be fired with all kinds of fuel. When burning with anthracite or a mixture of anthracite and coke, it can easily be kept burning throughout the day.

The stove is completely black or as an option with the hatches nickel plated.

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Bolinders stove 102

Designation/type                           Bolinders kamin 102

Introduced                                      Early 1900s

Stove height incl. feet                   1010 mm

Mantle diameter                            250 mm

Height to top of smoke pipe        880 mm

Weight                                             56 kg