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Beronius type 101 and 102 springhammer were intended for locksmiths and and mechanical workshops, while the two smaller hammers, models 103 and 104, were designed for special forging operations in manufacturing industry.

The hammer head is made of forged open-hearth steel. The height of the impact can be adjusted to fit the thickness of the material being forged by altering the connection rod's length. The hammer was started via a foot pedal and the force of impact could also easily be adjusted.



The Beronius "springhammer for forging steel and iron, of which four different sizes were made, was intended as auxilitary tool for locksmiths and mechanical workshops, for production-scale forging or wherever the work involved heavy or light forging. It replaced the steam hammer which was more expensive both regards maintenance and purchase.

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Beronius Springhammer Typ 101

Introduced                                             1886

Power requirement                                 8 hk

Pulley diameter and width                      445 mm/100 mm

operating speed                                     335 rpm

Weight                                                    1 800 kg

Capacity                                                 Forges up to 112mm in squares