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Area of application

This press is equipped with a gear ratio, which is why it is more suitable for heavier pressing work. On the OA3 model the gear ratio can be disconnected and operation can take place directly with the pulley on the large gear wheel, whereby greater velocity is obtained on the runner, and the press can also be used for lighter work.


The press was donated in 1997 by the firm W.A. Bolins, which was established in Russia in the early 20th century. During the Russian Revolution of 1917 the company moved to Stockholm, when this press was purchased. The machine has been used for substance production, mainly silver cutlery.


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Munktell's eccentric press type OA3


Introduced                                                   1917

Press bed die opening                               2 785 x 150 mm

Dimensions press bed-spool                    Highest setting 248 mm
                                                                       Lowest setting 186 mm

Slide stroke                                                  38 mm

Weight                                                          1 820 kg