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Munktell's pendulum press TB 1 is very sturdy and well suited for smaller cutting and extracting jobs, etc. The slide has two alternative stroke lenghts, 25 and 50 mm, which can be easily changed by moving the center pin of the pendelum arm. 




The pendelum press on display has manufacturing number 6119. The press was delivered to the Royal Rifle Factory in Eskilstuna early twentieth century. In 2012 it was donated to the Munktell Museum by SAAB Dynamics in Eskilstuna, the successor company to the Royal Rifle Factory.

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Munktells pendelum press TB 1

Pad opening in press table                           75 mm

From press table to slide in max position     135 mm

From slide center to frame                            82 mm

Stroke                                                            25 alt. 50 mm

Press capacity                                               1 mm

Weight                                                               175 kg