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Munktell's pendelum press TA 1 is well suited for minor press applications where a short and heavy stroke is desired, i. e. in stamping, upsetting, punching, etc. but also for cutting operations. The combination of pendelum and knee movement results in a very heavy stroke by only a small pressure at the lower end of the pendelum. 




The pendelum press on display has manufacturing number 5827. When it was manufactured is not known, nor the total number produced of type TA 1. However, TA 1 was presented in a catalog for Munktell's press products from 1914 and also in later cataloges and broschyres until the mid- 1920s. The press was donated to the Munktell Museum in 2013 by Svenska Medalj AB, Eskilstuna.

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Munktell's pendulum press type TA 1

Pad opening in press table                             130 x 90 mm

From press table to slide in max position    180 mm

in min position                                                  140 mm

Slide stroke                                                         20 mm

Slide adjustment                                               20 mm

From center of slide to frame                         112 mm

Weight                                                                 240 kg