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Munktell's friction screw press, model SB, were produced in large quantities during the first half of the 20th century. They were made in six different sizes with machine weights from 550-10 000 kg.

They were strongly and solidly built, comfortable annd easy to handle. The strength and length of the stroke can be regulated and they can therefore be used for a variety of jobs such as stamping, hammering, winding, arm pressing, bending and forging.

The flywheel has a safety device that secures the screw against breakage in the event of overloading. The spool has a braking device which automatically stops the flywheel at its upper position, which alsoprevents the spool turning more than one stroke. 

The press can be driven directly by an electric motor, which can be positioned where it is most suitable.


The exhibited press, manufacturing no. 8614, has been given a place of honour in its retirement, in the dining room at Clarion Collection Hotel Bolinder-Munktell. It came to the museum from the then Jäderholm & Anderssons Plåtslageri, Eskilstuna, in the early 1990s.

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Munktell's SB3

Year of manufacture                                    Late 1930s

Press capacity                                               32 000 kg

Press table opening max/min                    340/170 mm

Stroke                                                            170 mm

Strokes per minute                                      20

Pulley diameter                                            350 mm

Pulley rotation speed                                  250 r/min

Power requirement                                     1 hp

Floor space occupied                                  850 x 1 550 mm

Weight                                                           1 800 kg