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Area of application

Model PA O was used to squeeze smaller parts into lamps, toys, etc., and worked vigorously. It has adjustable stroke of 8-24 mm and height adjustment through the crank in the crankshaft and is provided with safety clutch, which is operated with a pedal and prevents the rider from knocking more than one stroke, even if the pedal is still pressed down.


The press was delivered in the 1910s to Stålstämpelfabriken in Eskilstuna. The press has been donated by Sven Gunnar Jonsson.

The press is available at Clarion Collection Hotell Bolinder-Munktell.

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Munktells eccentric press type PA O

Press table opening                                   50 mm

From press table to slide

in highest position/ lowest position        170 / 101 mm

Slide stroke adjustable                              from 8–24 mm

Weight                                                           200 kg