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Area of application


The main application area was the maintenance of dirt roads, but it could also be used in construction work for new roads. By these means horses could be replaced by a tractor for towing with heavier work.


Horse-drawn road graders were made between 1913 and 1930 by the Dominion Road Machinery Co., which later became Champion Road Machinery, located in Goderich, Canada.

The motor grader on display, which was built in 1928, was known as the Champion motor grader model 810 with "leaning front wheels".

It was obtained from a collector in Fort Eire, Ontario, Canada. Its restoration, which was completed in 2003, was undertaken by a group of volunteers, all members of the Goderich Antique Grader Club.

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Champion road grader model 810

Introduced                               1928

Drive                                          Horse-drawn by 6 or 8 horses

Platform                                    Platform over rear axle for coachman and                                                                  operator 

Axles                                          Two axles, the rear is adjustable ± 400 mm                                                                laterally. Front axle wheels are tiltable.

Grader blade, size w/h            2 440/500 mm

Weight                                       1 840 kg