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 The LM 845, equipped with an attachment bracket, was the gravel loader of its day. A very popular all-round machine for pallet fork work, snow clearing, etc..


The BM-Volvo LM 845 was Bolinder-Munktell's first articulated wheel-loader. Its turn radius was only 4,9 m. One advantage of the articulated steering was that the loader could make progress in very difficult terrain by "wriggling". The LM 845 had four-wheel dive as well, so it could be used for a great variety of tasks. The financially aware were doubtful because the front wheel were larger than the rear wheel, to support the heavier front end, and it was costlier to stock two tire sizes- The loader was modified so that all the wheels were the same size, making the front and rear wheels interchangeable. The new designation was LM 846. This model was the strongest of its day among loaders, less than 2.5 m wide which meant it was also appproved for use on public roads.

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BM-Volvo LM 845


Introduced                             1969

Engine                                     Volvo D 50 B, 6-cyl diesel

Engine output                        112 hp, 1 700 r/min

Gearbox                                  4 forward, 4 reverse

Tip load                                   5 900 kg

Weight with bicket                 9 550 kg