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The LM 218 was built for hard work. The machine could tackle a wide variety of jobs: loading and unloading, snow clearing, cleaning, light excavation , transport etc. With the largest bucket , 500 – 600 cubic meters of gravel could be loaded in an eight-hour working day.The LM 218 later became extremely popular among Sweden´s farmers.


With the launch of the LM 218, a giant step forward was taken in the construction equipment sector. The LM 218 does not show its relationship to the tractor body as clearly as its forerunner  the H-10, even though it is also based on a very popular tractor – the 350 Boxer. The color too reminds us that this is the start of a new era, since all Volvo construction machines are now yellow. The configuration with 5 gears forward and reverse was now standard on the LM 218.
The LM 218 was manufactured between 1959 and 1970. The machine on display at the museum has chassis number 11321 and was manufactured in 1962, with delivery in the same year on July 12 to Bröderna Sjöbergs Åkeri at Klockrike in Östergötland.

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BM-Volvo LM 218


Introduced                                    1959

Engine                                            BM 1113, 3-cylinder, 4-stroke diesel engine                                                                 

Engine output                               56 hp, 1 800 r/min

Gearbox/speed                             5 forward, max speed 26,0 km/h
                                                         5 reverse, max speed 20,1 km/h

Lifting capacity, top position       1 800 kg

Lift height                                       3,5 m

Bucket capacity                             0,6–2,1m3

Weight                                            5 400 kg