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Area of application

The H-10 was used to load gravel, excavation spoil, etc. It also did well in the sawmill industry, where it had the reputation of being a good all-round machine, partly because it was so easy to change the attachments.


Succesor to the BL loader, the BM H-10 loader developed jointly by thr Bröderna Lundbergs and Bolinder-Munktell. Like the BL loader, the H-10 is based on the BM 35 tractor. This machine was equipped with the parallel linkage, a very impressive feature at that time. There was no need for the operator to compensate in order to keep the attachment parallel with the ground when lifting from the lowest to the highest position. This was particularly valuable for pallet handling as the operator now didn't have to perform a time-consuming adjustment of the pallet fork with each pick-up and return of the pallet. The BM H-10 was produced in four different variants during 1954-1962 in a total of over 2 400 machines. The machine on display has serial number 1. 

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Bolinder-Munktell H-10


Introduced                         1954

Engine                                 BM 1053, 3-cylinder 4-srtoke diesel

Engine output                    43 hp

Gearbox                             Mechanical, 5 forward och 1 reverse

Weight                                 5 100 kg

Strd bucket capacity         0,4 m³

Quantity produced            2 700 st