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G 612 was a machine with high capacity for all types of digging work, for loading of loose soil and for filling up after digging. 




The machine was built on the T675 transport tractor (origination from the tractor Boxer 350 and the wheel loader LM 218). The backhoe unit was built by Vaggeryd and the front end loader by Tranås. Other manufacturing and final mounting of G 612 was located at the Bolinder-Munktell plant in Arvika. The disposed machine was manufactured in the beginning of 1966 and has chassis number 26802. It was delivered on April 29 1966 to Gillis Jansson in Hjo, Sweden, by the local dealer. The machine is since 2016 deposited by the family to the Munktell Museum.

BM-Volvo G 612


Introduced                                     1963

Engine                                             3-cyl, 4-stroke diesel engine

Engine output                                60 hp/1 800 r/min

Gearbox/speed                             10 forward, 2,7–25,2 km/h

                                                         2 re, 4,9–6,3 km/h

Backhoe                                         Hydraulic operated, by Vaggeryd

Break out force                             3 800 kp

Reach                                              5 300 mm

Front loader                                   Hydraulic, parallel movement

                                                         by Tranås

Break out force                              2 700 kp

Weight                                             7 700 kg

Year of manufacture                     1963–1968