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When the T 800 was introuduced in the autumn of 1966, it was well recieved by Sweden's large-scale agricultural producers who hade been waiting for a powerful replacement for its predecessor, the Bison. The T 800 was also highly succesful in export markets, not least on the huge farms of Canada. For heavy haulage in industrial applications, a special version was developed, the T 800 I.


The T 800 was volvo BM's first diesel tractor with a six-cilynder engine. It succeeded the four-cylinder Bison 470, which hade become increasingly inadequate and old-fashioned. Thr T 800 was also the first of BM's tractors with more than 100 hp in power output. The engine was initially from the D50/TD50 range but it was replaced after a few years by the more powerful D60/TD60. The gearbox was entirely new, offering 8 forward and 2 reverse gears divided into high and low ranges. The brakes were encapsuled, dry and disc type, fitted on the differential shafts.


Several models were gradually developed as aresult of increasing competition and customer demands. The introduction of the turbo and four-wheel drive meant that two additional models were created, the T 810 and T 814.

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BM-Volvo T 810

Designation/type                BM-Volvo T 810

Introduced                           1966

Engine                                   Volvo TD55 (TD60), 6-cyl
                                               4-stroke dieselengine with turbocharger

Displacement                      5,48 dm³

Engine output                     136 hp vid 2 300 r/min

Gearbox/speed                   8 forward, topspeed 30 km/h
                                               2 reverse, topspeed. 14 km/h

Fueltank                               150 L

Weight                                  5 920 kg