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The Volvo BM LM 622 and LM 642 were 2 and 4-wheel drive respectively, all-round wheel loaders in the 88-tonne class, built to handle a wide variety of tasks in varying operating environments. The machines, equipped with hydraulic attachment brackets of the "Large Volvo BM type" enabled fast attachment  changes giving access to a wide range of attachments. Very good stability and accessibility, combined with good reach, are features that characterised these Volvo BM loaders.


The Volvo BM 622/642 are the last machines of their generation with a rigid machine body, a further development of the Volvo BM 621/641 with lineage from the BM-Volvo LM 218 and te pioneering h-10. The machine on display, which is a prototype based on the 641, was manufactured in 1976 and its serial number 10129.

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Volvo BM 642


Introduced                              1978

Engine                                      Volvo BM D45

Engine output                         82 hp (SAE) vid 2 300 r/min

Gearbox/speed                       Hydraulic transmission. four forward and four                                                               reverse

Hydraulic system                    11,5 MPa (115 bar)

Tip load m. 1,0 m³ bucket     3 300 kp

Lifting height                           3 850 mm

Bucket capacity                      1,0–1,3 m³

Weight                                      8 000 kg