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The Gruskalle (Gravel Charlie) articulated hauler was a new technical concept for its time. It was mainly used to carry excavation spoil, gravel, concrete etc over difficult terrain. Big wheels, articulated steering, all-wheel drive and differential locks together created excellent potential for good off-road performance. Among other things the hauler could make headway in very swampy ground by "wriggling" like an eel. This was done by steering alter- nately to the right and left.


The DR 631 was the world's first series-manufactured articulated hauler. It was produced jointly with Bolinder- Munktell and LIVAB of Braås. The exhibited articulated hauler, serial number 2014, was produced in 1966. The DR 631/631B was produced during 1966-1969. It was dethroned by its successor, the DR 860, series production of which began in 1968.

BM-Volvo DR 631 (Gruskalle)


Introduced                                1965

Engine                                        3-cyl, 4-takts dieselmotor

Engine output                          65 hp, 2 000 r/min

Gearbox                                    10 forward (2,8 – 25,8 km/h)
                                                    2 reverse (5,0 – 6,4 km/h)

Weight                                        8 400 kg

Load capacity                            10 000 kg

Tipping angle                             85 grader

Tipping time                              13 sekunder

Lowering time                           10 sekunder