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The BM-35 was highly popular within agriculture and forestry as well as being an industrial tractor for transporting with trailers. The "tractor body" was also used in a number of conversions for other technical concepts. These included loaders and timber transport vehicles, known as forwarders. 



The BM-35 was the fruitof very extensive efforts to develop a new diesel tractor. The engine in this tractor is a three-cylinder variant (as indicated by the last digit of the engine designation). A four-cylinder engine variant went into production at the same time, but it was two years before the sister models 1051 and 1052 appeared. Both the 1052 and 1051 are on display in the museum. 

Alongside the BM-35, which had a fixed front axle, BM-36 was introduced which had a adjustable front axle, adjustable slimmer and taller wheels. Apart from this, the designs of the tractor body of both tractors were the same as the Volvo T 31

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Bolinder-Munktell BM 35


Introduced                                       1952

Engine                                               Bolinders 1053, 3-cyl 4-stroke dieselengine

Engine output                                  42,5 hp, 1 800 r/min

Gearbox/speed                                5 forward, topspeed 26,6 km/h
                                                           1 reverse, topspeed 4 km/h

Fueltank                                            65 L

Coolingsystem                                 15 L

Weight                                               2 460 kg

Quantity produced                          4 206

Manufactured                                  1952-1959