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The Victor was one of the farmer's favourite tractors, and remains so to this day. It performed excellently when ploughing, but weas of course a true all-rounder, as every tractor should be. It was also th basis for pioneering BMB 230 Bamse, a newly-developed full-track forestry tractor. The outstanding Victor engine performed well in the hard-working BMB 230.



The Victor came into being by pure coincidence in 1955. The engine the Victor was first developed for marine use, but it turned out that performed excellently in a tractor as well.

Many farmers will bear witness to its low fuel conxumption. The engine rarely used more that 2.5-3.0 l per hour. The Munkell Museum has been visited by many farmers who would tell us that they bought a Victor themselves and still use it to this day. 

The BM/T 230 Victor was developed from the Volvo T 22-T 25 range of tractors. In the 1950s, Bolinder-Munktell had a two-cylinder marine engine, type 1052. This engine was modified to suit the T20 series tractors. This led to the creation of one of the most popular agricultural tractors of the 1950s the most remarkable feature of which was its excellent low end torque. From a maximum engine speed of 1800r/min the tractor increased it right down to 800r/min where it produced its highest torque. This characteristic came into its own when ploughing. The heavier the work, the greater the tractive effort from the engine.

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Bolinder-Munktell BM 230/T 230 Victor


Introduced                                            1955

Engine                                                    Bolinders 1052, 2-cylinder diesel engine

Engine output                                       33 hp, 1 800 r/min

Torque (max) at 800 r/min                 14,5 kpm

Gearbox/speed                                     5 forward, max 22,9 km/h
                                                                1 reverse, max 4,2 km/h

Fueltank                                                 55 L

Coolingsystem                                      9 L

Weight                                                   1 650 kg

Quantity produced                              10 929

Years manufactured                           1955-1961