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The BM-10 was intended for small and medium-sized farms. It was made for one or two-furrow hydraulically mounted ploughs and was well suited for the mounting of different types of tool attachments and equipment thanks to the exemplary smooth sides. With its good operator visibility, the BM-10 was an excellent machine for row-grown crops. But the person sitting on the hoe at the back of the tractor was exposed to the full blast of the gases from the exhaust, until BM decided to direct the exhaust upward instead of to the rear. At the same time they also fitted an approved spark arrester so that the tractor could be driven inside buildings.


The BM-10 was the last hot bulb engined tractor and was designed by a German. The story goes that the man moved to Sweden after a falling out with Hitler. The Bm-10 was developed in collaboration with Colvo anf had the the rear body in common with the Volvo T 20 series.

The launching of BM's new small tractor, the BM-10,offset the loss of the highly important aircraft engine manufacturing during the war years. In parallel with the BM 21, the BM-10 was the companies last tractor with the hot bulb engine. The 28 centimeter narrow front section, the excellent visibility, the high ground clearance and the small turning radius made the BM-10 a flexible tractor. The BM-10's engine from Bolinder's W3 hot bulb engine that was injtroduced in its first version back in the mid 1920s. The BM-10 had a recommended price of SEK 8 690 inn 1953.

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Bolinder-Munktell BM-10


Introduced                                                         1947

Engine                                                                 2-cyl, 2-stroke hot bulb engine

Engine power outpu                                         23 hp, 1200 r/min

Gearbox/speed                                                  5 forward, top speed 20 km/h
                                                                             1 reverse,  top speed 4 km/h

Fuel tank                                                             35 L

Cooling system                                                  9 L

Weight                                                                 1 380 kg

Quantity produced                                            6400