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This crawler dozer was used by the Swedish Air Force for airfield maintenance and construction and for road building. Some were used in the peat bogs of Skåne in the south of Sweden to dig peat for the Fuel Comission, the body in charge of Sweden's fuel supplies during the Second World War.


At the start of the Second World War in 1940 the Swedish Air Force ordered crawler dozers from Bolinder-Munktell. Production began immediately and by the end of the war, 90 of these construction machines had been produced. It's hard to tell, but fundamentally the crawler dozer is a BM tractor. The hood is no longer, to make space for the six-cylinder petrol engine.

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Bolinder-Munktell crawler dozer 4 AF


Introduced                      1940

Engine                              Volvo 6-cyl 4-stroke petrol

Engine output                 45 hp

Gearbox                           4 forward speeds, 1 reverse

Cylinder volume             4,4 dm³

Weight                              3 500 kg

Ground pressure            0,35 kp/cm²