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Area of application

The band saw was used in factories for the manufacture of furniture and other types of joinery products. 

The Beronius B20 band saw has a robust, fully-cast, sturdily designed stand and journals featuring  ball bearings. The bed can be angled up to 40º. The rotating mechanism means it can be used for both splitting and cutting.

The rotary and linear saw blades are shielded by cast protective covers that are easily removable for blade replacement. The band saw is driven by an electric three-phase motor via a reduction gear.


Beronius band saws were made in a variety of models and sizes, starting in the 1880s, and were included in the company's product range until the end of the 1950s.

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Beronius B20; Band saw


Designation/type                     Berounius B20 band  saw

Year of manufacture               1950s

Wheel diameter                       700 mm

Bed size                                     700 mm x 800 mm

Bed angle adjustment             40º

Saw blade length                     4 900 mm

Maximum height that can                                                      be sawn                                     350 mm

Weight                                       550 kg