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Area of application

Volvo BM (VME) AWB 10 was used as drive axles on the back of the L50B, L50C and L50D.


The axle has relieved shafts and hub reductions of planetary gear type with built-in oil-cooled lamella brakes.


The brakes are hydraulically maneuvered and assembled with hub reductions so that they brake through the planetary gearboxes. Hence, it exploits the exchange of the planetary gear.


On each side of the brake pads, an impeller is mounted as the shoulder axle oil slides along the brake pads for circulating the oil in the shaft and cooling the brakes.


The axles have common oil space for the hub reductions and the center gear.


The shaft can be viewed at the entrance to the conference rooms at Clarion Collection Hotell Bolinder-Munktell.

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Volvo BM (VME) AWB 10

Designation/ type                          AWB 10

Introduced                                     1992

Weight, complete axle                  400 kg

Differential lock (addition)           Automatic differential brake

                                                         type "limited slip"

Oscillation                                       ± 12 º