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Area of application

The machine was used for construction work of various types such as road works, drainage and levelling assignments, pipe-laying, ground excavation, etc. Fitted with special equipment, it could also be used for trench digging and excavation, with a crane for lifting work as well as a face lift bucket unit for mass handling.


The Åkerman 375 was a line excavator, building on the 350 model. This in turn had its origins in the 300 model, the first machine in Åkerman's excavator manufacturing that started in 1938.

The machine was considered by customers to be easy to operate and easy to manage, large enough and efficient. Many customers stated that one major advantage was the service that Åkerman provided in the form of three free service visits during the warranty year as well as fast and cheap delivery of spare parts.

The exhibited machine has serial number 3244. It is owned by Schakt & Transport Eskilstuna, who has deposited the machine at the Munktell Museum.

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Åkerman 375


Introduced                                     1960

Engine                                             Volvo D47 A

Engine output, nominal                35 hp/1 300 r/min

Engine output, max                       45 hp/1 500 r/min

Travel speed, lowest gear             1,87 km/h

Travel speed, highest gear            4,6 km/h

Ground pressure                            0,55 kp/cm²

Slewing speed at 1200 rpm          6,25 r/min

Line diameter, all                           14 mm

Boom length                                    4 450 mm

Bucket shaft length                        1 385 + 615 m

Bucket volume                                375 dm³

Weight                                              ca 11 ton

New price 1960                               93 000 kr